Breaking Free from Fear

As men of faith, we all have moments where fear creeps in and threatens to hold us back. But what if we had a roadmap to follow, one that showed us how to overcome fear and become the men God …

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On Jonah – Saint Gregory the Theologian

Jonah was fleeing from the face of God, or rather, thought that he was fleeing: but he was overtaken by the sea, and the storm, and the lot, and the whale’s belly, and the three days’ entombment, the type of a greater …

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The Best Grow in the shadow

A lot of hay has been made in recent years about how openness and vulnerability are key to improving our interpersonal relationships (romantic or otherwise) and our mental health. While much of this talk is absolutely warranted, let’s not forget …

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After Pentecost, the early Church was rapidly growing, and some of its new members, specifically the widows, were being neglected in the daily distribution. The twelve apostles were unable to minister to the entire Church and preach the gospel, so …

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We knew it was going to be a bad meeting. We just knew it. We had one task. One simple task now that we look back. So simple. And we blew it. Upper Management was going to be there, and …

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Christ’s Humility

Godly manhood, or true manhood is without a doubt expressed perfectly through Christ Himself. In this post we will observe examples of His humility and question if we properly express humility through our actions. We will also discuss the benefits …

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Wholly follow the Lord

Imagine hearing Joshua’s game plan for overtaking Jericho…which went as follows: March once every day for six days around the city of Jericho and on the seventh day, we will march seven times and blow our trumpets. Your average person …

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Small Decisions

I always wanted to be like the Apostle Peter and love God as much as he did, so when others asked who Jesus was to me I could confidently answer, “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God” …

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Joseph – Breaking all the “norms”

In this series about Christian masculinity, we will identify the qualities in men that exemplify and define masculinity. As an introduction, we must first briefly outline secular masculinity and contrast it with Christian masculinity in an effort to bring to light what true masculinity is not. Following this, will be several other posts focusing on various men in Scripture who exhibited what we will now define as “Christian masculinity.”