Local Chapters

What are local chapters

Local Chapters are the means by which the BRAVE Men's Ministries plans to accomplish the majority of its goals. The Local Chapters are intended to connect men within a parish to draw closer to God and each other through spiritual teaching, service, and fellowship.


Why we need the local chapters

The overall vision of Brave Men's Ministries can only be implemented within local chapters. While we plan on having yearly conferences, the goals below can only  be accomplished through local chapters

  1. Raise awareness of the problems facing men
  2. Develop leaders
  3. Create a safe haven where men can be vulnerable to share experiences and encourage development
  4. Build men up to better support their families, church and communities
  5. Equip men to acknowledge God’s presence in their lives through intimate friendships
  6. Identify, teach, live, apply and grow the role of a godly man

Local Chapters Informational Packet

This packet will be used as a guide for starting a Men’s Ministry in your local parish. It includes guidance on social activities, accountability, and other resources. The details around how each parish starts the ministry may not be the same, and each parish will likely develop differently.

Download the latest resources


Resources to support the local chapters. Check back often as we are updating our resources constantly.

Don’t see your city or have any suggestions? No problem, reach out and lets work together to build the local chapters ministry.